Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bedroom Thoughts

Oh my!  You dared to open this post and find out what goes through my mind regarding the bedroom.  Brave (and rather naughty) soul. Well, let's get to it, then!
I confess my antics of late lead to this soothing and luxuriant moment of writing.  I have been laboring like a slave in the deep recesses of my master bedroom after the very powerful and compelling impression that the Lord would have me redecorate it, nothing held back, after the manner and pattern He has taught me regarding divine sensuality over recent years.  Some readers may not know that I have spent my time in the last eight years studying spirituality as it connects to human sexuality and romantic relationships. I have spent countless hours poring over ideas from all over the world in this capacity, becoming more and more converted to certain ideals and rejecting many others.  The creative genius behind this redesign stems entirely from intellectual and spiritual ideals. 
So what seems ideal and appropriate in this situation?  Well, the sweat dripping from me at the moment arises from the dire necessity of throwing literally truckloads of rat's nest type things from the bedroom and closet.  I am starting from scratch, as should anyone seeking to dig more deeply into the subject.  We begin by eliminating anything arising from the bias of others, from media, and from one's own personal weakness.  We can rebuild our thought processes from here.  I am keeping only the bare furniture.  Everything else goes.  What we see around us provides an impact in our manner of thought and attitude.  So let's design this room to empower the divine joy and sacred nature of sexuality.
The bed.  Important.  Mine will reflect the merits of eternal love, or in my belief system, eternal marriage within the walls of LDS temples.  It will be absolutely dripping in gold and fit, not for just any king and queen, but for a god and goddess intertwined in power, unity of purpose, and divine righteousness.  The comforter is primarily gold with slight accents of deep red.  The sheets (wipe that grin off your face right now - or keep it - whatever) will prove an excellent quality of a matching deep red.  If I have to explain why, gentle reader, you are too young to be reading this post.  Comfort and a feeling of purity mingled with passionate luxury proves exquisitely important. Heavy red drapes will both enhance the mood and keep anything distracting out of the room's space and view. Add to this hanging tea light lanterns imported from India and faux bear skin rug.  A framed painting of the Salt Lake Temple will complete the overall mood and purpose. 
Arguably my favorite part of this whole new world will be a small corner of the bedroom in which will stand a hand carved wooden room divider from India.  Behind it will be furniture from India, lush and opulent, most of which I already have, and which is designed to be my own little goddess corner - place for meditation, yoga, and keeping my own personal flame bright and spirit sharp.  The woman (and the man) ought to be their absolute best that they might give their partner everything in their power.  This little section is where I calm my spirit, relax and meditate.  And yes, you can see through the carvings of the divider - it renders just enough view to be both enticing and romantic.
I had considered a gold yin yang, as the man and woman are ideally supposed to be two halves that create a whole, but thought better of it and instead will create a space dripping with and celebrating masculinity in rethinking the adjoining and rather large bathroom.  Night sky blue and silver, it will center around the poem I wrote and have previously posted entitled "When Venus Danced With the Moon," which I am stenciling and painting around the door frame in a shimmery dusky blue.   My own photography of mountains overlooking a lake will aid the effect as well as matching opulent towels, laundry hamper - the works. 
Set against this background, gentle reader, I would invite you to ask yourselves some questions.  How do you think of your romantic life?  Do you give respect and place importance on your significant other?  Do you recognize the spiritual beauty of your own gender as well as your significant other?  Do you delve into the eternal recesses of divine relationships?  Or do you demand unrealistic things of your partner, comparing them to other people, or requiring they succumb to things you view or read in pornography?  Do you value and respect them, body and soul for who they are?  Or do you expect to be continually entertained and treat them as though they are to take care of all your needs whilst you care nothing of theirs?  Creating a space like the one described takes effort, work, patience, forethought, inspiration and strength.  Shouldn't a romantic relationship, eternal and exquisite as it stands, merit even more labor, patience, love and dedication than the design of a mere bedroom?  Just an thought.

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