Monday, July 6, 2015

Dreams and Decisions

I didn't want to write this post yet.  My floors need mopping, my toilets need scrubbing, and I have errands to run.  But the hymn "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go" keeps running through my head and I know the Lord isn't going to get off of my case until I post this.  

Last night I had a dream.  The last bit proved more than a typical dream but in order to get there I've felt impressed that I ought to lay out the events that led to it.  After some scattered thoughts that I do not remember distinctly I found myself in a strange situation.  My friends and family were insisting I marry someone who proved totally unsuitable.  This coupled with the fact that I had just won a game of Monopoly, much to the chagrin of my competitors, may simply prove that I need to cut out all those late night snacks.  But back to the story.  Apparently those around me seemed bent on my marrying a distant relation, completely brushing off the bizarre fact that this was a blood relation and not a man I romantically loved.  I was about to go along in order to pacify those around me when I suddenly remembered that I was in love with someone else.  Those who might wonder about the identity of said man, he was a character from one of my favorite Charles Dickens' novels - Eugene Wrayburn of Our Mutual Friend.  Again, this and the fact that I was being followed by Mamie of Gone With the Wind, who was fussing over me like I was the illustrious and very spoiled Miss Scarlet must have been the result of my late night miso soup and homemade strawberry ice cream.  At this point, however, I began to run from the crowd and thus began the more important part of my dream.

I was running homeward - to my eternal home in the heavens but which was situated near my present day residence.  My home was a palace, but in my haste I had to pass through a dank and filthy strip of land and enter through the side doors, which had not been used in many years.  I knew these rooms were completely empty and as I ran through the grounds leading to the house I found many homeless tramps there;  this did not alarm me as I was glad to offer them  my land if they had no where else to go.  Holding my head high I walked through the small side door of my palace, knowing that these homeless men would not dare to raise their eyes to the owner of this house and daughter of the living God.  But when I entered the empty rooms, there lay on the floor another man, dirty and disheveled, and so filled with the spirit of Lucifer that I shrank from his piercing and possessed eyes.  These were my rightfully my rooms and he had no business there.  I would have offered it to a homeless man willingly but this man was no mere homeless.  He looked at me with hatred and spoke in a language filled with evil that I could not understand.  I knew that in order to find safety I had to pass through this room and leave through a door that was right behind him.  I bolted past him and through the doorway only to find a second man in the next blank room, almost identical to the first.  He spoke in English though I don't recall the words.  I only recall the look of wickedness in his eyes as he glared at me and I could see something deeply Satanic there.  At that moment it seemed that I thought and the Spirit of God impressed upon me the meaning of this part of the dream and urged me to write a blog post about it.  I looked heavenward for strength, rushed past the man out of the doorway, found myself in a beautifully furnished room, and straightaway awoke, frightened and cowering under my covers.

I feel impressed to briefly convey the meaning of the latter part of the dream.  We sometimes believe that we are strong and have overcome temptations because we have avoided those temptations.  A person is not put to the test until they face those temptations and sound them out.  There may be rooms in all of our souls that we think are vacant, that long past weaknesses have disappeared, but it that they still quietly exist and we don't realize it because we do not generally go into those rooms.  The only way to fumigate the evil from our souls entirely is to face it head on and do battle, or to allow the Savior to do battle with you.  Either way, a person cannot be whole and strong until the face what they fear to see within themselves. 

I do not know why God wanted me to write and post this but I feel I had better do it so that He will let me return to mopping my floors.  He also let me know that something about this dream and this post will help me to face and fight those demons in the otherwise empty rooms of my soul.

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