Sunday, July 19, 2015

Father's Testimony in Pluto's Heart

This post is dedicated to my friend Mark Byrnes who immediately thought of me when he saw Pluto's heart and asked for my impressions regarding it and also more especially to my Heavenly Father, who impressed upon my spirit an answer.

I had been watching the NASA website keenly for days, checking in frequently for new photos and data from New Horizons.  I know many of us had done the same all over the world.  And then in an instant, there it was  - and I caught my breath.
A perfect heart, massive and impeccably formed, called out to us from the far reaches of human experience and in a flash I instinctively knew a great many things.  I knew immediately that this was no accident of nature.  I knew immediately, and could almost hear the loving, almighty voice of God reaching toward us from His eternal throne and I recognized instantly that this was a moment He had been planning from the beginning.  

Could it have been any coincidence that though we had viewed the other planets much earlier, we finally reached this one at this time, when the world is so filled with darkness, doubt, and animosity?  What greater sermon could God preach than to remind us through that cold and dissecting field we call science, at a time when all the world was united in watching together, that He knew us, loved us, and was aware of us?  It was not the word written out in a language that many would not recognize.  It was an obvious shape accepted worldwide as the symbol of love.  As soon as I saw the heart I comprehended that this proved His intention.  I also remembered almost immediately the prophecies that stated that before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord we would see signs and wonders in the heavens.  Who could doubt that this was a definitive sign and wonder in the heavens? 

Others will surely argue that such reflections arise from a deranged and deluded mind.  They are walking in darkness at noonday.   My dear friends, let us always remember that our universe runs by the highest laws in existence and the greatest of those natural laws is the overruling power of love.  Our Heavenly Father's love is extended toward all of us.  He knows who we are, He knows what we suffer, and His power is sufficient to uplift and rescue His children.  Our Father has a plan for each of us personally and the people of the earth collectively.  Sometimes He works by small means, as Pluto is the smallest of the classic nine, but by small means He can bring great things.  He may make us work, puzzle, and exert patience, as we did in order to finally discover and reach our little dwarf planet, but that is so we can learn, grow, gain experience and try our strength, but as we do we learn to be more like Him and to cherish more powerfully the blessings of love He provides for us, His children.

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