Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Eternal Horizons

I can feel the pulsating excitement as NASA's new discoveries bring us ever clearer photos of the beautiful and elusive Pluto.  We hang on a breath as a nation and as a world for greater insight and, as NASA clearly anticipates, brand new exciting horizons.  Let us take this historic moment to rediscover some beautiful truths right here in our native Earth and especially in our families.
Last night I heard a grandmother deliver a beautiful prayer.  I could feel of the love she had for her family, which proved scattered in all geographical directions.  As she prayed I felt impressed to write this post, which proves an idea I have toted many times but has not had the reception for which I might have hoped. 
My grandfather was an only (surviving) child and an orphan, and my mind reviews with compassion the plight of those left without a family on this earth.  I hear many good people proclaim that they know God loves us because He sent us down to this earth in family groups.  I confess that while this is true, I have a tendency to squirm when I hear it.  What of those who have no earthly family?  What of the child who, abused by his parents, has no family toward which he can turn?  What of the spiritually adept daughter whose parents simply cannot comprehend who she is and try to drag her down to their lack of moral or religious understanding?   What of the children who find themselves in broken homes after parental abandonment or divorce?  What of these noble souls?  Have they no family?  Are they less loved, less considered, and less appreciated by the Lord?
We all have a family.  We all have each other.  Every man you see on the street is your brother.  Every young lady you meet is your sister.  We all come from the same God, the same Father, the same Parentage, and we are all brethren and sisters under heaven.  I have a dear uncle, for so I call him, who was married to my biological aunt.  I confess, as my mother's family has a tradition of addressing each other by their first names only I never called him "Uncle" anything until after his divorcement from my aunt.  Truly he is my uncle in heart as much if not more than she is my aunt.  I have an ex brother-in-law, who I do not see very much anymore.  Though he is no longer my brother-in-law, he is certainly still my brother as ever he was.  The barriers between us as human beings exist primarily because we place them there.  Whatever keeps us from seeing our fellow men and women as our spiritual siblings proves unnecessary and we have the power within us, with the help of heaven, to  break these barriers apart. May we strive to do so is my plea and my prayer. 
A beautiful day to all you, my siblings!

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