Sunday, July 5, 2015

Oh the Joy of Heterosexual Love!

I am quite sure that in today's America, our dear homosexual friends, who so loudly testify that we ought to marry who we want and take pride in being ourselves would be the first to stand on their feet and applaud this particular post.  I am not a hateful person by any stretch and today my focus is quite the opposite.  It is on perfect, wonderful love.  Today I am just going to take a moment and sink into the bliss that is heterosexuality.  

How delightful is great sex!  How perfect is the plan of beauty created by nature and the Master of nature that makes the woman so divine in her own exquisite gifts, and makes also the man so powerful, beautiful, and awe inspiring!  It seems a great joy to me that the two are so perfectly coupled together, and that they prove two halves of one whole.  Mentally and emotionally, while we are all still first and foremost human, I find it exquisite that man and woman compliment each other so well.  Physically...well, we all recognize right off the bat how well the two coincide.  I cannot imagine any human experience so perfectly calculated to bring a couple closer to God and heaven than blissful sex between husband and wife.  They intertwine perfectly psychologically and physically to fulfill the height of their natures.  No other combination can touch it and no other combination can do something so absolutely godlike as creating another human being.  No other loving act on earth proves powerful enough to create the exquisite miracle of life, and that life being a beautiful, eternal testament of man and woman quite literally becoming one.  

I love how well perfect masculinity and femininity complement each other.  The one is physically strong, wired to be protective and providing and the other divinely appointed to give the man something worth protecting and cherishing.  In many aspects of life, one will be strong where the other is weaker.  They create a whole, a perfect, never ending circle, and a continual revolution of loving give and take.   There is, of course, no real argument in this post.  I lay aside all fighting and opinions to bask in the sunlight of beauty, admiration and truth.  

Have a beautiful day!

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