Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Art of War

Years ago I perused that great and noble work by Sun Tzu, and knew even then that though I rarely read the same book twice that this was one I definitely needed to study in depth again.  I finally felt much impressed to pick it up and have found myself immersed, mind and spirit within its extraordinary influence.  It proves both intense and instructive, providing exquisite and thought provoking advice and general rules to overcome an aggressor.

I have something of a strange habit when reading any work.  I have spent so many years studying literature, internalizing the wisdom of the ages and especially inhaling scriptures that it has become second nature to apply whatever I read to myself.  This time around I found it difficult, as the most frustrating situation in my life is not one which I can overcome by applying the truly magnificent principles of the text.  As it discusses the responsibilities of a wise general and the necessary duties and calculations for victory I felt more and more helpless and sank into despair as I saw the odds stacked against my poor ability to overcome the most painful and desperate trials in my life. 

But then another idea hit me that allowed me to breathe more freely than ever before.  I am not the general at the helm over my life.  True it is that I myself cannot fight these aggressors that have me continually pinned to the wall, but God is my Captain, my Leader, and my Commander.  I cannot mastermind a course that would lead me toward freedom and victory but He can.  There is no enemy too deadly, no barrier to impenetrable that He cannot blow them away with a word.  It isn't necessarily my job in this impossible situation to find a solution; I have spent years in trying and miserably failing.  It is my job to follow my General, who knows all things and to whose almighty intelligence, even the wise words of The Art of War seem juvenile.

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  1. I personally found the Tao Te Ching very useful, and much easier to apply. >_>b

    Its advice is especially helpful when you are confronted by things you can't manage.