Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Future is Bright!

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, every first Sunday of the month we have an open microphone for anyone who would stand and bear a brief testimony of their God.  I heard my fellow Christians speak, and in their voices I heard a measure of tear filled apprehension regarding the recent display of moral degradation in society.  I heard them wanting to find a light in what seemed to them a very dark moral world, snatching at any hope they could find and I prayed fervently that the Lord would inspire me with the words to clear a path before them.  I knew I had the answers but needed God to form the exact language.  Finally, near the end of the meeting light overwhelmed me and I stood and walked to the pulpit.  

I had no idea what I was going to say before I stood, but the words poured out of my mouth and I felt of their truth as they rolled off my tongue.  I felt invigorated, happy, light and passionate.  I began with, "My dear brethren and sisters, this is such a wonderful time to be alive and in this world, because all of the easy things have been done."  The words continued to come and I explained how none of us were here in this world at this time by chance.  God placed every single one of us here because He knew how dark things would become and that He trusted us and believed in every one of us enough to know that with His help we could bear off the kingdom triumphantly.  I reminded the congregation that prophets in the Old Testament had repeatedly prophesied about our day and that we were the noble ones who would be able to remain strong in the darkest of afflictions.  

I recounted my gratitude for trials in my life.  I expressed my gratitude for those times when I had fallen to nothing, having no strength left in me physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and still found myself required to give to others when I literally had nothing left even for myself.  I found myself humbled by the idea that God trusted me and believed in me enough to give me such trials.  I concluded with the fact that I know the Lord.  I do not merely know of Him or that He exists, but through trial, tribulation and much prayer, I feel I can say that I know Him.  The Savior is my dear, best friend and our Father is more my father than any earthly dad could be.  I love my earthly dad, but he knows and accepts that my first loyalty is to my Heavenly one. 

My friends, the future of Christianity is bright!  Darkness may seek to seize our society; it may attack our homes; it may attack our families, but righteousness shall be the eventual victor.  The question is not a matter of which side will win.  In the end, righteousness will prevail and our only concern will be what side we supported whilst the battle raged.

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