Thursday, July 16, 2015

True Love For The Transgender Community

A woman gazes in the mirror at her wasted and anorexic frame.  She still believes herself fat and pursues weight loss to an unhealthy degree.  The people around her worry, try to help, and want what is best for her.  A man fighting depression finds it impossible to find any good in himself, so he considers buying a gun and ending his life.  His family spend long hours on the phone trying to talk him out of suicide.  A celebrity decides he cannot love himself as a man so he decides to change himself into a woman.  The nation stands up and applauds.


Do we care less about the well being of celebrities because they are not members of our families, or because we do not know them personally?  Why do we allow and even aid people in throwing themselves away and reaching out to something that God simply didn't make them?  Does no one care enough about people dealing with transgender issues enough to help them love themselves as nature made them?  To help them learn to look in the mirror and love what they see?  We are encouraging people who injure themselves spiritually and emotionally, labeling such a thing as brave!  In a society that cries for love and acceptance so much, it is absolutely cruel that we would applaud someone for throwing away who they are and reaching out to become something they aren't.  Oh, but it is brave, courageous and right?  Why then was the anorexic woman who starved herself subject to doctors and psychologists so as to help her learn to love herself as she was?  

No one is exempt from the necessity of learning to love themselves as they are in order to prove healthy and ultimately happy, and society is crippling itself and its future generations by cheering on those who willingly surrender to their self doubts rather than relentlessly fight to overcome them.  Many in our society would call surrender to transgender courageous.  My friends, it is cowardice.  It takes far more courage to look in the mirror and learn to love the person looking back.  And all those who would hop on the bandwagon to support this new wave of insecurity in others are doing them a terrible disservice. 

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