Sunday, July 5, 2015

Your Moral Duty to Have Wonderful Sex

Yep, you heard me. 

The classic movie of Ben Hur includes a conversation between two leaders.  The first poses the question, "How do you fight what's up here? (points to his head) How do you fight an idea?"  At length the second answers him, "How do you fight an idea?  With another idea."  

We meet several ideas in today's society, including the acceptance of homosexual marriage, premarital sex, infidelity, and the like, and to be quite frank, the attack isn't likely to abate.  We find the disintegration of the family and the idea that having children is more a nuisance than a blessing.  Lies.  But we can turn the tables entirely by finding and creating a greater sense of joy in our own honorable state of lawful marriage.  (I know also that there are single men and woman who want to remain pure - yea! - and many married people who for health reasons cannot have...any fun.  You're exempt.  Just cheer everyone else on.)

How would society prove different if husbands and wives came together in love, passion for each other, and mutual joy in being in each others' arms?  How would the world improve if married couples refocused on the joy they had while together, immersed in loving embrace?  How would it be if husbands and wives held hands in public, publicly and privately said, "I love you" and clung to each other with a passion that stabilized their marriage and made their homes absolute bowers of bliss?  We find a great many homosexual couples publicizing their wedded joy.  Want to fight that idea?  Outdo it in your own relationship.  I see many people arguing that casual sex with strangers is the way to be happy.  If we would counter that argument, we must first prove that a committed sexual relationship is more satisfying.  Embody one, then, and flaunt not your body to everyone on the street, but your committed and exquisite happiness.  My friends in lawful marriage, you are the most powerful weapons we have in this darkening society.  Your happiness and commitment to your spouse, the physical relationship you have, is the light that can pierce through the darkness and guide our children's futures.  Ladies, gentlemen, I would encourage you to hit the gym, eat healthily, and otherwise beautify, not for your own selfish pride, but that you might give your spouse your best self and stand as a strong example to the world that this is what true happiness looks like.  Enjoy your spouse physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  And yes, after the lil ones go to sleep, that master bedroom be rockin'!

Ah, the things we do for our country.

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