Monday, August 10, 2015

My Hero

I am clearly not a man but I am told that they enjoy feeling like their woman's hero.  Being female, it is natural enough to understand that a lady appreciates a man she can admire.  We might define heroism in many different ways, and generally when we consider the term "hero" we think of a big, strong superman in  cape, boots, and starring in their own Marvel comic strip. 

This world is in desperate need of heroes, and heroes of a certain type.  We find in our society the role of fatherhood belittled, the dignity of man disregarded, women seeking to stand in roles most suitable to masculinity, and brethren encouraged toward laziness, entitlement and casual sex.  We need men who are passionate about being loving father figures, passionate about raising children to be upstanding and teaching them by example, passionate about being masculine, and passionate about doing the morally right thing.  These are our greatest present day heroes.  

Through a lady's eyes, a hero is the man who is courageous enough to do the right thing in the face of temptation.  A hero is the boyfriend who could sleep with his willing and vulnerable girlfriend but exerts his inner strength, chooses to wait until the wedding night, and proposes to her instead.  A hero is the man who sees an opportunity for advancement through dishonesty or injuring someone else and has strength enough to give up said window for progression in favor of being a morally upstanding person.  My idea of a masculine superman is one who sees the world go its merry, morally degrading way and instead of following the crowd stands tall and strives to make a difference.  My idea of a superman is the person who fights his own weaknesses even though he could give into them without anyone knowing or facing immediate consequences.  My idea of fearless strength is a man who will walk away, look away and completely retract when faced with a cheap and easy sexual temptation.  And let me share a little secret with you, brethren.  There is nothing sexier, nothing that leaves a woman more helpless in awed breathlessness, and nothing more likely to get an amazing woman to melt recklessly, thoroughly, willingly, and uncontrollably into masculine arms than a superhero. 

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