Thursday, September 3, 2015

Arresting the Gay Haters

This morning while grabbing a couple of gallons of milk from the local grocery store I felt a hankering for whole wheat bagels.  I snagged a container of low fat cream cheese and headed to the bakery section with a smile on my face and a promise in my heart, only to find that said bakery section failed to carry my favorite whole wheat bagels.  Everything bagels they had, blueberry bagels they touted but not my particular whole wheat.  I pouted but then thought "Hey, I can go to another store and get them later.  No biggie."  I returned the cream cheese to its shelf, bought the milk, and left.  

The news broadcast at the gym later proclaimed the arrest of yet another person who refused to participate in homosexual weddings.  This, people, is a shame and horror to the name of sanity!  We are America!  We have become great through capitalism!  And I do not understand why we do not have various brand new wedding coordinating companies ready to jump into action to seize upon a brand new and unexplored market.  Why do we not see young, intelligent business people who do not care either way about the marriage question announcing specials on homosexual and heterosexual wedding packages, ready to serve up a full blown, out of this world homosexual or heterosexual reception at a lovely profit to themselves?  And if they exist, why are those specializing in traditional marriages finding themselves behind bars?  Honestly, a woman may call up a med spa and ask if they offer laser hair removal.  If the receptions says, "No, I'm sorry, we don't offer that service" does the woman get offended and threaten to sue?  No.  She says, "Okay, thanks anyway.  I'll try somewhere else."  And she hangs up, secretly thinking that said med spa just isn't cool enough for her business, anyway.  I can just see a scenario of policeman surrounding a little hole in the wall bakery because the proprietor refused to offer apple fritters.  Seriously?  

I know that many on the left may feel quite a grudge against anything that would treat capitalism with kindness and gratitude, but the situation we have at present proves one of absolute tyranny.  It isn't enough that homosexuals have the right to marry, but everyone else now has to agree with them or be arrested?  Isn't that fundamentally opposed to the idea of tolerance?  I do not see how any self respecting Democrat can possibly agree with arresting someone because of their belief or ideas.  Doesn't it go against everything the left tries to teach?  Capitalism may seem a dirty business to some, but honestly, it is the best answer to hatred, grudges, and prejudice we have.

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