Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dead Bug on my Pillow

Sleep slowly dissipated from my teenage eyes and my mind softly drifted from the warm, protective dreamland I’d enjoyed into the beautiful Arizona morning sun.  I remember feeling the cheerfulness our resident star rendered those who fell under her jurisdiction.  As my eyes came into focus they suddenly widened in horror and I jerked upward, fully awake now and breathing hard. 

Lying on my pillow not twelve inches from my face lay a kissing bug – a venomous bloodsucker to which I am horridly allergic and which I had learned to fear for the pain its bite creates in my body.  Its feet skyward and body quite rigid, I realized that it had been making a beeline to bite my happily dreaming skin when suddenly death had taken it.  You may imagine the prayers of gratitude that rushed out of me and how, after many years, that experience and the reality of God’s protective power have never quite left me. 

Sometimes life flings us upside down and we find ourselves facing greater trials than we had ever dreamed or thought we could handle.  I find myself in the middle of one of those at present in fact.  But truly God is at the helm and nothing can touch us without His consent.  He knows what He is about in our lives, and no matter how close danger may prove it cannot reach us without His approval and without a divine purpose.  Sometimes trouble will reach us in spite of all the prayer and righteous living we can muster.  That is okay.  It’s part of His plan and one day we will see that every moment of pain will prove for our good. 

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