Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Flinging Chicken Drumsticks

This Sunday morning I knew I had to make it to church.  I spend two hours out of the three hour service assigned to teaching the two year old children. The awesome responsibility of teaching these little ones about Jesus and reverence falls to me and my three comrades.  We have a set structure and order and have learned to work with each other in a way that creates unity like almost no other calling in life.  But this week I was sick and spent in body, mind and spirit.  I felt I had nothing to give, but duty beckoned so I ingested far too much vitamin C to be decent along with a cocktail of cough syrup and Tylenol and headed out the door.

God knows when we can't take anymore and I have often seen His almighty hand snatch me away from oncoming stress.  He often uses His servants to do this work and today help came in the form of my associate Aaron Nymeyer who labors with me and acts as a grandfather figure to our mutual charges.  We were shorthanded and mercifully only about half of our little ones attended.  As we progressed into our play time and scattered various toys about the room I sat down feeling tired but knowing I was in the right place.  Then Aaron went to work. 

Little Mason in the goodness of his heart came to feed Brother Nymeyer a delicately cooked plastic chicken drumstick.  I am not sure how the idea entered his head but this good man of God saw fit to tell our little buddy that he hated chicken and proceeded to fling said drumstick across the room.  Mason erupted into a fit of giggling and ran to fetch the drumstick and offer it to his teacher again. 

Brother Nymeyer: "Mason, how many times do I have to tell you?!?!  I.  HATE. CHICKEN!!" and fling went the drumstick. 

This continued and the other little people joined in the game until there was nothing left for me to do but sit on a chair and laugh hysterically.  We often say that laughter is the best medicine.  I have to admit that it certainly doesn't hurt. 

Did I still fulfill my other duties later in music time and the like.  Of course.  But we were all more cheerful for having been spiritually uplifted by our comrades' antics and I made it through.  God is over all and knows what He is about.  He knows each one of us and knows how to help us make it through the trials we face.  He may not take it away, but He just might send a miracle in the form of flying plastic drumsticks to make our loads a little lighter.

We apologized in advance to the parents for any chicken throwing that might transpire later at the dinner table.  I hope our resident chicken flinger isn't suddenly reassigned elsewhere....

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