Sunday, September 20, 2015

Joseph of Egypt Wears Bunny Slippers

It's true!  I overheard the entire account this morning from a most reliable source. 
My children often despise Sabbath Day observance because in my view it means no shopping, no parties, no sports, no videos or music save those that are religiously oriented and the like.  But stick to your guns and things turn out for the best.  We found a way around the boredom.
Personally, I have always loved the Sabbath even as a youngster.  One day per week I do not have to care whether the windows are clean, the silverware polished or the laundry folded.  I can take that day to meditate, read scriptures, write in my journal, serve others, and pray.  My kids don't get the same thrill.  Until now.
My brilliant autistic daughter discovered the potential for delight in taking the characters from the Bible and Book of Mormon and creating her own wild versions of the events that transpire.  I have heard many stories from the famed "Book of Mormon Academy" in which people from the Book of Mormon find themselves teenagers and face similar trials within the walls of a school as they do in the original text.  For example, a villainous murderer named Gadianton in the Book of Mormon becomes a teenage bully who frightens the other kids.  Any person who dies in the Book of Mormon is "expelled" from Book of Mormon Academy. 
This morning both my children opened up PowerPoint and went to work creating a story of a baseball game between the twelve sons of Israel.  It proves an interesting concept - who's to say the brothers didn't play games once in a while?  They add details that just might be true but simply don't find descriptions in sacred text.  Maybe the twelve boys had food fights once in a while?  Maybe one of Joseph's favorite hobbies was dancing.  We don't know for certain that it wasn't.  Perhaps Daniel snuggled up with the lions in the den and fell asleep.  We've discussed this together. 
Traditions and ideas like this cement scriptural texts and lessons in children's minds.  This morning my son needed to know all the names of Jacob's twelve sons.  Both my daughter and I ranted them off from memory.  It makes the scriptures come to life, and after all, we can't really prove that Abraham as a young child didn't actually fling pita bread at his enemies and run.

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