Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Judging Fat People at the Gym

If I have heard it once I have heard it many times over.  Wonderful people have often expressed their insecurity in walking into a gym because they are presently overweight.  They fear that others will judge them, and they wonder how they can possibly become friends with or gain the human respect of all those beautiful people already comfortable within the world of weights, cardio, and yoga.  So they hide themselves away in their living rooms in worry and in doubt.

I have excellent news!  You are allowed to walk through those coveted doors.  I give you permission.  Let me tell you a secret about those muscle clad beautiful people.  Every single one of them is there because they know that they have room to improve.  Most of the gym rats I know, strutting their stuff like supermodels, were once overweight and out of shape.  We understand the struggle better than you might think.  We understand because we have been there.  Every single person who frequents the gym has at one point, and probably often, looked in the mirror and found things they want to change.  That is why we go!  And here's another secret.  We aren't as intimidating as we sometimes look.  Since we know the fight and we are also human beings who crave donuts, we often seek to help each other, encourage each other, and teach each other.  We share fitness tips.  We smile at strangers when they fall to their knees panting, because we have done it too.  Fitness instructors often greet a class with, "You actually got up and made it to the gym!  You have done something awesome already!" I would invite you to search YouTube for "Barre lower body shred."  It is a challenging workout and note how the instructor speaks.  You will hear things like, "Just do your best", "this is a challenging workout and you are going to get through it" and "you're going to feel that sense of accomplishment.  There's nothing like it."  We are each others' cheerleaders and you will find that those most accomplished gym junkies will also be some of the most encouraging people you will ever know.  We know that it's hard and when an obese person walks through the door, we get excited and happy for them.  It's like they have converted to the (almost) religion to which we proscribe.  They have found and accepted something that is very important to us and we are generally very excited to share it.  

How would it be if a man bleeding to death looked at a hospital and said to himself, "I can't go in there.  They know all about being healthy and I am clearly not."  Ummm...how did he expect to get any better without walking in and asking for help?   My point exactly.  And should you run into a bad apple or two who look at you wrongly, it may be either your imagination or due to the fact that they themselves are as yet too insecure to be kind.  Honestly, when you are surrounded by instructors who believe in you and many others who are willing to cheer you on, who cares about that kind of person's negative opinion of you, anyway?

Happy sweating!

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