Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Life has a way of bringing one to one's knees and lately I have been found my shins bruised so to speak with the blessings in disguise and learning experiences the Lord has afforded me.  Each day has proven a tremendous soul stretching work out and I know only too well that my children and I will be discussing these days twenty years hence.  The temple beckoned in the midst of this turmoil and I answered its call.  And that is where I received the answers and inspiration that color today's post.
We often enter the temple searching for external help, miracles, or for barriers before us to vanish.  I found myself in need of all these things and yet the answer that relentlessly pounded through my mind and spirit proved the last thing I felt I needed.  The name Michelle means "she who is like the Lord" and this reminder returned repeatedly throughout my two hour experience within those sweet and sacred walls.  I felt much impressed to remember the meaning of my name and to look for my name in the scriptures.  Well, anyone knows that Michelle does not exist in the Holy Writ, but, aha!  the name Michael most certainly does.  It may or may not prove a surprise that the names Michael and Michelle are one and the same, other than the fact that the one proves masculine with its counterpart feminine.  The answer that I needed to study, pursue, and better understand the name of Michael as used in the Bible came so powerfully that I literally could not think of anything else.  Indeed, I would not find myself penning this at all were it not that the impression has returned repeatedly since my visit inside the Lord's house.  Michael the archangel proves a royal personage, a source of strength, a protector, and a vanquisher of Satan.  I am told that the Catholic faith considers him a defender of the human family, and Mormonism certainly considers his role as patriarch of supreme importance.  This, I feel, is the idea and attitude the Lord would have me pursue.
Is there a point that one might consider in one's own life from this experience?  Absolutely.  When we are down to our last and are looking for a hero to rescue us, we might do well to look inside.  It may in fact be that the answer already lies there and our decision to humble ourselves to our knees and turn inward may prove exactly what the Lord knows we need most. 

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