Saturday, September 19, 2015

Natural Curves

I think that deep down, we all want a fairy tale, happily ever after romance.  We want something eternal, for we ourselves prove divine.  We want to be loved for ourselves and also have the blissful freedom to love our companion fully and without reservation. 
Romance is under fire in this world.
I think to a great extent we as a society have forgotten how to love humanly.  I have of late made something of an involuntary study of how people in our world generally view sex and particularly the feminine body.  We all know that Barbie dolls are toxic to little girls' self image.  I don't know if we also recognize that super heroines, comic book heroines, and the like often find themselves with the same DNA as Jessica Rabbit, but the images present themselves to males and females alike, destroying healthy mentalities and producing impossible and dangerous demands on women while they destroy like a malignant cancer healthy expectations in men.
I have known women who have had cosmetic surgery.  I have known a few of them, actually.  One of particular interest was a lovely lady, beautiful in so many ways, but uncomfortable because having children had changed her body and she wanted to feel more at ease in her own skin.  Her husband loved her and wanted her to stay as she was, but she couldn't stand it.  Not having the same trial myself (pregnancy didn't injure me much) I cannot judge her, but I saw that after she endured this rather intense surgery and received an impeccable figure, she ended up getting into a bit of romantic trouble with other men, which desperately jeopardized her marriage.  I do not blame her or the surgery, but I attribute it to a mentality that disallowed her to accept herself as she was. 
And while we may recognize the dangers of this mentality and wish to deter from it, we often fall into it ourselves.  Walking through a ladies' section of any clothing store, one finds an absurd display of push up bras, extreme push up bras, and the like, urging the idea that women are simply unattractive and undesirable as they are.  They don these unabashedly and then wonder why there are no men out there who are committed to them or love them through and through.  Honestly, if you aren't going to look like yourself, and insist on changing yourself, how can he love the real you?
I have had many people through the years, both men and women, relatives, friends, and the like openly mock me for being human and having a natural woman's body.  Weird.  If they knew how many men I have had to turn down over the years they might sing a different tune, but whatever.  The point is that I have no intention of changing who I am to suit anyone else's ideals.  God handed me the physique that I have and personally I love it.  I eat healthily, exercise, and recognize that this is what God intended me to be.  If a man doesn't think I am attractive enough, it is of no importance, because if he doesn't want me enough, he is clearly not my soul mate and thus is hardly invited into my bedroom, anyway.   

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