Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Real Friends

A delightful encounter with a beautiful lady this morning inspires me to sit and type out various thoughts today.  Granted, today's post may prove rather more personal than instructive, but I find it a good practice to count one's blessings and bask in their glow. 
My dear lady gym rat friend is one of the most physically gorgeous women I have ever known.  The first time I saw her I immediately thought "supermodel" and "one of THOSE girls who know how sexy they are."  I was surprised beyond belief to find as our friendship grew stronger that she found herself captive in the fullest belief that I proved far sexier than her.  We argue about it sometimes.  For example,
Her: "You are so totally hot!  I get intimidated watching you in dance classes because you are so sexy!"
Me: "Oh, you're the gorgeous one!  I am surprised to hear you say that because I often feel like I am not attractive enough."
Her: (Matter of factly) "Well, that's because you're crazy."
Me:  "Aaaaawwwww!!! Thank you!  That's so sweet!!"  (Women clearly have bizarre methods of communication.)
Not long ago another woman who often behaves quite sweetly to my face but treats me far from respectfully behind my back continually entreated a mutual acquaintance to treat me disrespectfully.  I heard through the grapevine that she believed that I wasn't a real woman because I would not sleep with a certain man she wanted me to embrace, and on those grounds argued that I ought not receive the respect of a human being or a daughter of God.  This led to some quite indecent behaviors against me later.  When I heard her accusation of my not being a real woman I laughed hysterically and posted that "joke" on facebook.  My dear gym rat lady friend approached me about that today.
Her: "That post you wrote on Facebook about someone not thinking you're a real woman?!?!  Seriously, you could be covered from head to toe and still exude sensuality.  Some people are just naturally sexy and you are one of them!"
I am grateful today for real friends.  I am grateful for good, sweet appreciative people that God has introduced into my life.  I am grateful for ladies who tell me to my face that I am worth something in their eyes.  I strive to always maintain a healthy level of self love appropriate to a daughter of the Highest, but after all, sometimes we all need to lovingly be told that we're crazy.

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