Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Night at Camp Cooper

*I wrote this by request of my fourth grade friends after joining in an overnight field trip with them.  I very rarely accept requests but am generally willing to render special services where children are involved.  

I traveled 'longside little ones
Who sang their hearts to me
As mountains rose to glorious view.
Sonora set us free

From ugliness, polluted streets,
Technology and care.
We'd soon create experience
And memories to share.

We hiked in rain and turned our thoughts
To predator and prey;
Then after s'mores and skits we went
To finish up our day

In happy cabins.  Laughter rang
Across the darkened earth
While kids made friends and parents too
In peals of joyful mirth.

When morning rose we cleaned our place,
Played Moser/Sifu Said,
Then on the bus we crowded close
And from our campsite fled.

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  1. The Franklinsteins read this poem and loved it. Adan thought it was awesome. Julia wanted to say, "We love you!" Cory thought the poem was heartwarming. "I really liked how well you rhymed," said Mason. Adam thought you must have put a lot of thought in to it in order to write this to us. Mackenzie commented, "It was a fantastic poem, we all enjoyed it." Ava thought the poem was beautiful and Aidan wanted to thank you. Ainsley liked how you described what Camp Cooper was like. Thank you again for this beautiful poem. The Franklinsteins.