Monday, October 19, 2015

Evening Poetry

* I was just scribbling and felt impressed to share. I do not know why but when the Lord commands, I obey. I did not even bother to give this work a proper name and I hope to write a cheerful conclusion. Have a beautiful evening, all!

Once I thought I might be only
For a moment in my lonely
Sad surrender, torture o'er me
But I find it now eight year.

How I hoped, I dreamed and prayed
That my curse might e'er be stayed
And events my heartstrings played -
My emotions did life sear

In the gruesome laugh of nighttime,
In the brash and injured daytime.
How I begged relief come sometime,
That pain's end might yet prove near.

I have come to know the glory
Of the fated martyr's story
And have often begged my Lord He
May now neutralize this fear

None to save nor none to rescue?
Where the hope to which my heart flew?
What the answer that my mind sue?
What kind hand can find me here?

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