Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween at the Beach

I found myself on Huntington Beach as the sun sank beneath the horizon tonight. I've often felt a great pull toward the ocean and loved the spiritual power it affords. It calls to me, beckoning me into the waves and directing my thoughts upward to God. As my children sprinted haphazardly toward the water I followed pensively in swimsuit and pants, inhaling the peace of the scene before me. Wet sand kissed my feet and yoga seemed appropriate. Casting away my jeans I handed my dad a camera and dropped into lizard pose.

Switching poses in the California sunset brought me a new and delightful experience. My little ones frolicked in and out of the water, letting the tide playfully chase them to and fro as the camera clicked away. Finally the light faded, the camera lay abandoned on the ground, and I sank my knees wide apart into the shallow water and surrendered into frog pose. Relaxation flooded through me and my mind wandered from my kids and earthly dad toward my Heavenly Father's will for me.

We are all children of God and He has much impressed upon my mind the importance of clinging to the fact that I am His daughter with divine potential and a moral right and need to embrace womanhood in a manner that transcends this world's understanding. We are beings of light and tonight I felt new plateaus open up that intensified my comprehension of being a woman. In a world that confuses genders so villainously I am grateful for the opportunity to sink into the essence of femininity and continue to deepen my appreciation of it. Gender is a gift and blessing thoroughly worthy of our respect, contemplation and mental exploration. Femininity is a part of who I am that is so eternal that I believe I am only now catching a glimpse of what womanhood means in an eternal perspective. We were created to experience joy. We were created to be filled with light, happiness, and fulfilling the measure of our creation and I am grateful for the journey on which I find myself toward exploring my eternal nature and glorious destiny. 

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