Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Limitless Universe

Dedicated to Ms. Franklin's Fourth Grade Class
And All the Fourth Grade Students at Ironwood Elementary
I don't often enjoy the blissful opportunity to put my degree in English Education to use so when my daughter's teacher invited me to teach her students about the art of writing and editing I naturally accepted with a smile.
The kids were wonderful as always, and I'd like to share with you a little of what we discussed together, as I truly do believe that all children would prove better writers and enjoy writing more if they came to the table with a proper understanding of what they were about. 
Sometimes we feel powerless in this world.  Decisions often affect us when we ourselves had no say in the making of said choices.  Sometimes life proves unfair and there is nothing we can do about it. 
Or can we?
Do we have power to change our situation, our nation, and our world?  Absolutely!  All it takes is a piece of paper and a pencil.  We can throw this world entirely away and create our own.  I told my nine year old friends about my often grumpy older brother who relentlessly gave me a hard time, and then described for them a story I created on another planet, in another galaxy, where a young lady had an older brother who mercilessly teased her.  By the end of the story she had proven right and he had proven wrong. 
Charles Dickens wrote a marvelous story in which the villain randomly explodes and suddenly the good people he threatened find freedom.  Why not?  Dickens's stories also proved powerful enough to capture the hearts of his countrymen and change laws and prisons throughout his beloved England.  
You see my friends, I have chosen to create a new idea - a blog post.  I have readers in different states in America, as well as readers from Australia, Russia, England and the like reading this very post. I could have written about anything, so I chose an extremely important subject.  You.  You are important.  Your power is amazing.  You can create anything when you place pencil to paper.  You can craft a story, as we discussed, of a banana walking down the street.  Nothing can stop you.  No laws of government or gravity can hold you back.  The entire universe is yours to command and control.  Why would I write a post and dedicate it to my dear Ironwood friends?

I did it because with language I can do anything.

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