Friday, October 16, 2015


During my last temple visit I had an extremely profound impression about Michael the archangel, as I described in my former post entitled "Michaelle."  I felt much impressed to write poetry recently and this was the hardest, most emotionally challenging poem I have ever written.  It also consumed two days of thought, which is much longer than I have ever spent on any poem of this length.  I cut the poem rather short because it was so emotionally difficult to write. 

Within the temple's sacred, blissful wall
I felt my anguished panic's frightened tears
Course down my skin into abysmal fall.
The labor of my life's ambitious years
Had crumbled into failure most complete.
I searched for healing balm to quench cold fears.
As lessons preached, a name rose to repeat
Inside my wearied mind, creating peace,
Destroying doubt with promise to defeat
Its pain.  And angel armed with pow'r to cease
This hell's rebuke appeared before my face.
He kissed my soul and promised to increase
Celestial joy, replacing pain with grace.
A soldier - there he stood with royal air
Magnificent, outshining all the race
Of men. A guardian of metal rare
Protecting righteous kin, I find my heart
Within his gentle arms of precious care.
In taking soul's defense into an art
Great Michael patriarch inspires me
To share this work, surrender doubt and start
      Redeeming all within my reach to save
        Throughout my life and even to the grave.

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