Friday, November 20, 2015

Accidentally Sexy

Oops. I'm sorry - was that hot? 

We see great multitudes of women today desperately attempting to discover how little they can wear in public or how immodest they can behave everywhere they go in order to catch someone's attention.  We see women throwing away their self esteem, their natural femininity and their inner goddesses in order to chase after men and keep up with the continual sludge and filth of demoralizing pornography.  They end up with multiple broken relationships, low self esteems and in places no happy person would ever choose. 

All this misery, when the answer lies in two little words - accidentally sexy.

I have of late renewed my wardrobe.  Thrift stores can be magical places and I don 't believe in breaking my wallet in order to feed my creative genius.  Fate and God decided I should lean a bit toward the idea of a wardrobe rather sexier than my closet provided erstwhile involving (faux) furs, dangerously smooth and delicious blouses and the absolutely almighty pencil skirt.  All these clothes are things a good, upstanding Mormon lady can wear.  The blouses have sleeves with modest necklines, and the skirts touch my knees.  Beyond that, I make no promises.  My favorite shirt at present is of the sweet, light pink, touchable, silk little baby doll persuasion and I invested in a few leather, booty grabby, knee length pencil skirts.  They are form fitting; they feel delicious; they feed natural femininity, and are perfectly modest.  They give the impression of a woman who, instead of chasing after men in hysterical and frustrated desperation, can sit down quite comfortably with a good book while men murder each other for the chance to kneel at her feet.  It lends to the idea of "Yes, I am totally open to a great relationship, but catch me if you can, boy.  I'm not about to give away all this steamy sensuality to just anyone."  (Somehow, I just caught the vibe of several masculine mouths beginning to water - strange.) 

We have a bizarre conception that a morally upstanding girl has to be shy on the dance floor, personally unattractive, and talented only in baking cookies and bearing children.  Not so.  Don't get me wrong, my children are paramount in my life and I make a mean chocolate chip cookie.  But women of faith can also be downright sexy.  Not sexy in the typical worldly sense but in the sense that we are daughters of God and are perfectly at ease in being adored by men in general as we naturally go about our daily lives.  No chasing, no frustration, and no defeats.  Dressing in this sexy modest manner leaves the woman free to do whatever she feels like doing, whether it be professional, philanthropic, familial or what have you and when she glances around and finds men drooling unconscionably behind her pencil skirted back (as I have often found myself of late) she can look completely innocent as if to say, "Oh, I'm sorry.  I was just being myself.  I didn't mean to make you fall all over yourself and worship the ground on which I tread."  And smiling she turns back to her activity of choice and inwardly adds, "Yes, I did." 

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