Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blessings of Sexual Frustration

I have actually wanted to write this for years and I find that now is the time and I feel at peace committing these pondering a and discoveries to print. We live in an age that continually encourages easy sex and exploring without censure the recesses of foul and sinful living. We all know why people fall prey to the sin of casual sex. It feels good at the moment. But is there anything gained through abstinence?

More than most people know.

As my gentle reader knows, I love meditation. In meditation one can turn difficulties into positive energy and glorious personal triumphs. This is true with any kind of difficulty or frustration but it proves remarkably powerful in dealing with that most beautiful of God's gifts to man - the sacred power of procreation.

Imagine a moment in which you may feel sexually frustrated. Often people act badly or lash out, but there is a magnificent trick that will turn this frustration into power. Stop for a moment. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through the nose. Recognize that you are frustrated. Recognize that your eternal soul that was divinely designed to procreate is surrounded by barriers. Your spirit feels tight and uncomfortable. Now breathe into that frustration. Recognize that your personal divinity wants to be unleashed. Imagine that tightness loosening and spreading throughout your body. Breathe and recognize that all that pent up femininity or masculinity can be put to good use right now. Let that sensuality flow out through your pores and surround you with an aura of righteous glory. You are divine. Release that divinity through your fingertips and the palms of your hands. Trust the direction your spirit offers. It will lead you to, all day every day, become more intensely a man or woman. Your spiritual power will increase in leaps and bounds. Your thought and behavior in every respect will become more manly or womanly. You will recognize your worth better. You will recognize your divine potential and soon you will learn to value yourself so much that nothing except an eternal relationship with a soul mate will be able to satisfy or interest you. And when we find ourselves there, we are in exactly the right position for God to introduce us into a mind blowing, earth shattering happily ever after.

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