Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dark Heroine

Masquerading can prove difficult for me as I possess a rather annoying habit of wanting to be strictly honest with people and attempting to represent my true sentiments without compromise, but God has handed me interesting ideas for Halloween last and this year. My idea came not as a thunderclap this time but like a sunrise slowly impressed itself upon my mind, rendering more questions than answers.
It came to be a darkened heroine, which role I suppose I have often played since it came quite naturally.

Dark heroine combines epic adventures like Dante's Divine Comedy and Bunyon's Pilgrim's Progress. It is a woman who, being devoted to God seeks to go to the deepest reaches of the inferno to rescue and lead upward those souls she finds. The way is perilous and the dangers many but no one ever said the work of a superhero was easy.

I have often heard my dear friends tell me to give up on certain difficult people because we may get hurt. Yes, we may emotionally suffer from such ministry. We may endure ridicule and spiritual broken limbs and bruises. But when our purpose is certain it seems but a small injury and great honor to suffer something to bring our Father's children nearer Him. And though we may find ourselves at times enveloped by darkness God's light can ever be with us as we strive to bring about His purposes.

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