Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Man Enough to Cry

An eight hour drive from Los Angeles to my native digs will generally include many an interesting conversation among the inmates of a vehicle and in making this trek I certainly enjoyed much discussion with my son and father. One of these historic exchanges was the question of whether or not it is permissible for a man to cry.

I loved throwing out some ideas and since neither male contradicted my logic I thought I would extend them to the general public. I noted that while many of my guy associates determine that men prove weak when they cry all those who argue this are of themselves weak minded fellows and generally also weak in body. The biggest, strongest men I know have absolutely no problem weeping in public. I have two cousins who are both body builders, one on each side of my family. They are made of iron and both quite willingly sniffle in public when occasion requires. My brother-in-law generally sets the standard of what is macho, masculine, and tough in my family. He is the physically strongest man in the family by far. When touched by the Lord's Spirit he sobs worse than I do. My children learn martial arts at the direction of a massive, muscle clad black belt who teaches lesser men the meaning of masculinity. I recall him telling the class that his students gave him a gift when he tested for his sixth black belt. Matter-of-factly he added that when they did so he cried like a baby. I don't know of anyone who dares question his manhood.  In Mormonism we have fifteen male leaders who stand as spiritual giants to the rest of the world. They are all, to a man, crybabies. And isn't the shortest scripture in the Bible "Jesus wept"?

Brethren may pose various arguments on this point but I can't help feeling that a man's attitude regarding this topic serves more of an indication of their own masculine confidence than a definitive answer for all situations. Naturally I don't condone anyone, man or woman, crying or throwing a childish fit when they don't get their way or to control others. That is also weakness in the sense that such a person loses self control when things don't go according to their desires. But in terms of experiencing joy, sadness, love, spiritual blessings or the like a real men isn't afraid to tear up. 

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