Saturday, November 21, 2015

Man of the House

Let us review the mindsets we have adopted throughout history. First, nature urged humans to marry and breed to continue the species. Women became naturally attracted to strong men and masculinity craved to stand at the head of his tribe. This might have worked out perfectly well except for the fact that men and women prove quite imperfect. Men often employed their authority wrongfully, to abuse and degrade. Women became dissatisfied and eventually of necessity created the movement of women's rights. 

But then a horrible thing happened. Gender roles became confused. Women in their anger and frustration chose to prove that they could become more manly than men. Men were taught to become effeminate and more frequently gave up their duties as patriarch. Women felt they no longer needed men. Men felt worthless and stripped of the dominance they naturally craved. Before we knew it, men decided to marry homosexually and women did the same until the world spiraled into sheer madness. 

I know of a lady whose heart had been continually broken by romance and in her despair she felt led by God to focus on becoming powerfully feminine and to push away from relationships. Eventually she met a man who ached to marry her. He wanted to be her anchor, her stability and her strength but she was such a powerful, God fearing woman that spiritually at least he could not prove stronger than her. Some men might have given up. Others might have tried to abuse her and make her less than she was that they might be the macho, dominating man. He didn't. He prayed. He turned to God and through the power of the Lord became so powerful in his masculinity that she literally did not have power enough to turn him down. He proved able to be her big, strong protector because through God he attained enough strength to do so. Their relationship stands as a masterpiece of God's creation. Their physical relationship, for example, proves jaw droppingly amazing. He had to spend some time in prayer and meditation learning how God wanted him to treat His daughter and he had to break some bad habits but now he can have whatever he wants from her whenever he wants it. He trained his heart to only want that which was right. And he became so exquisitely...talented...that her favorite remedy for a headache is to get in bed with her man. She has no reason to turn him down because he makes it feel so amazing for her. He learned to balance male dominance with respect for femininity so brilliantly that there is absolutely no reason he should have her whenever he wants. Both of them take their own progression as a man and woman as a sacred duty. She has repeatedly made it clear that if he does not do what God wants his authority is over in a finger snap, and he, understanding that fact, works like a slave to be a good man. 

Is there a way to clarify gender roles in this wild, wicked world? Absolutely. But it won't come while women try to be men and men shirk their responsibilities. It will come when women love being feminine and men step up to the plate. 

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