Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mormonism and Homosexuality

It seems like a firestorm unleashed in social media pertaining to the idea of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints refusing to allow membership for children of homosexual couples.  I have not yet heard anyone on Facebook discuss this from the perspective of a faithful LDS member, so at least within my own circle I am honored to prove the first. 

I have long wondered and worried about the laws passed in this country regarding gay marriage and also the extreme narrow minded bigotry among many people who argue that we all must support and applaud homosexual marriage in a perfectly unanimous ovation.  We who support traditional marriage have been demonized continually for our religious beliefs and I at least have proven quite concerned about the country attempting to force me to accept homosexuals being sealed in holy temples.  Mormonism cannot allow this, or even come close and it has nothing to do whatsoever with hatred against gays.

We love people who have homosexual tendencies.  We appreciate them and we consider them children of God.  The Brethren in Salt Lake have said this from the pulpit repeatedly.  But Mormon doctrine stands thoroughly rooted in heterosexuality and much of what we believe of ourselves, of God, of our eternal destiny and within the temple pertains to the spiritual and eternal connection of man and woman in marriage.  The highest blessings we believe God can and will bestow is an eternal family, and man and woman creating a child is the greatest joy and responsibility of our eternal lives.  We believe that men are glorious in their masculinity and women are exquisitely crafted in their femininity.  We believe that a union between man and woman is sacred and what God intended for our progression and greatest happiness.  It would destroy the very foundations of what Mormonism is and what we believe to allow homosexual couples to be sealed together forever in temples.  Other religions may allow that, but by definition we simply cannot.  That does not mean we demonize gay people, but in order to enter a temple of God there are several moral requirements one must reach.  One cannot drink alcohol or even coffee and still enter the temple.  The bar is high and it will remain high in order to preserve the sacred nature of that holy edifice.   I cannot speak for the Brethren or for God in His clear inspiration to them but I can say that it makes me breathe more easily to know that the sanctity of marriage between man and woman will be more protected and held sacred within my faith.  We may experience hatred, threats, dislike and bigotry but that proves far better than sacrificing our consciences before God or casting away God's commands as we understand them in order to accommodate a very confused and sin ridden world. 

As I have read the many posts of friends pertaining to this idea I have noticed that the people lashing out against the Church are generally those who already had a grudge against it.  Most of these are people who were once LDS and have since wandered into other paths.  My heart goes out to these people.  I cannot help feeling sorry for someone who, once having left an organization, spends much of his or her time in seeking out things they would consider negative and heralding their extreme disgust.  Many of them are obsessed with destroying the Church.  I would ask, if the Church is so worthless and completely untrue, why spend energy in dwelling upon it?  And yet some I know simply cannot leave it alone.  Personally, if I do not like an organization I fling it aside and spend my time in things I love.  Life is too short for an intelligent person to voluntarily emerge him or herself in hatred like so many demons from hell.  In choosing to spend time appreciating beauty in the world one is happier.  And if the Church is so false what difference do new rules make anyway?  

Many supporters of traditional marriage seem worried that Satan is winning in the world today.  We Mormons will clearly be taking the brunt of whatever attacks may come and by our wounds will your rights to religion be more protected.  We are heading up this fight to support what we believe.  We are tough, we are unafraid and we are united.  And when this world falls into chaos and the devil seems rampant there will still be a haven of clarity within the walls of a Mormon temple.   

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