Monday, November 2, 2015

Oceanside Anytime

I settle into my bed in Tucson waiting for my Dead Sea mask to dry and take a moment to bring to blissful recollection those few lovely moments I recently enjoyed by the sea. I often wish to be there and though my native Arizona offers plenty of hot sand it just isn't the same. And yet as I focus my heart and spirit toward the beach I can relive and expand peace in memory.

We forget sometime that God gave us five senses and meant for us to enjoy all of them. I consider the sunlight kissing my body, the water caressing my skin, the smell of salt air energizing my breath and always the panoramic beauty of this massive creation of God that boggles human understanding. The rushing, crashing waves lull and soothe me, wooing my thoughts outward into their powerful embrace.  

Beauty exists all around us, in every climate, in every hour and in every task before us. Find the beauty, bask in it and let it envelope you. We are children of God, exquisite in our creation and meant for paradisical enjoyment. We are beings of light, crafted with individual divinity with a destiny of joy and righteous pleasure. Accept who you are, be grateful for the little things and surrender to the good things of life.

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