Tuesday, November 24, 2015

That Moment When Youtube Freezes

Am I the only one who thoroughly dislikes singing in my car to Roar and just as Katy Perry is about to hit a truly magical pitch, the internet freezes?  Or that moment when you just want to get to your favorite video and there is, of course, an advertisement standing between you and fun?  Or maybe it's that moment when your breakfast needs to cook for two minutes in the microwave and you are already late that irks you the most?

Whatever the case, we all tend to hit that "moment" that, innocent of itself, tempts us to turn into fire breathing dragons, swearing that the powers that be in charge of Youtube did that on purpose just to be irritating.  Inwardly, we know it's not the case, but within that minute it feels as though life was just frustratingly and unnecessarily put on hold.  

I use such moments to remember the yogi in me.  This is just an exercise of patience that a loving God gave me because He wants what is best for me, I tell myself.  Breathe and enjoy the breath.  This is a gift in the middle of the day to come back to being, to give myself a moment to enjoy the silence (because we always mute the commercials) and think about having peace.  We can use this moment to plan out our day.  We can use this moment to be grateful for our breath, our heartbeat, and all those little blessings we tend to take for granted.  So the next time we come to a red light of any kind, but especially those little, annoying ones that seriously have no meaning and were placed there by the authors of Google just to make life difficult, we can choose to smile, look up, thank God for that moment to ourselves, and enjoy the breath.  

Wishing one and all a calm and peaceful Thanksgiving and December. 

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