Thursday, November 5, 2015

Uses of Sexual Frustration

We established in the previous post that frustrated energy can transform into blissful power when handled properly but once we have found that power, what do we do with it? All frustration can be put to excellent use but I like the use of sexual energy best because of its depth and dynamics. But in order to use that tension to one's advantage we first have to ponder the following question:

What is sexual feeling?

It seems simple but in this rushed, frantic world we seldom stop to consider the spiritual and complete definition.  Sex is, at its best, the most godly physical act of which the human being is capable. It combines the highest love with the awesome power of creation. Nothing else can match it. It is the most tremendous expression of divine eternity known to man in the universe. That said, we also must understand who we are. We are beings of light with a destiny that blows the imagination. So when this channel is staunched and we successfully convert the pain of captivity into energy, what do we do with it?

Create beauty.

We are meant to create living offspring. No other creation can come close but we can certainly turn that energy outward and create beauty in little ways within every aspect of life. We will find that when we employ said power in that way, turning outward and engaging in creative beauty our pain turns to greater power and we find within ourselves light, energy, intelligence and overwhelming joy. Remember that this energy is ours and wants to be of use. So use it. Learn to paint. Organize some chaos. Take up photography.  Our creative prowess will become so powerful that we will not be able to contain it and we will find ourselves giving relentlessly to others which in turn will induce karma to strew our lives with grace.

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