Thursday, November 5, 2015

Where Have All the Good Women Gone?

"Women today have become demonic.... They have no standards."
"A single woman who is attractive and also morally upstanding is almost impossible to find."
"These women at church were hitting on me too much.  I mean, they're GORGEOUS but all they want is my body."
"Women only want to have sex with me and then they ditch me."
"Secretly, men really want a woman they have to work hard to win over.  It makes them feel like they have won a prize.  I mean, women aren't a prize to be won, don't get me wrong, but..."
These statements were made to me in private conversations respectively by a philosopher, a psychiatrist, a super intelligent martial artist, a doctor, and an absolutely brilliant and very handsome businessman.  All are single men and all are having trouble finding a decent woman who has standards and behaves like a lady.  My heart aches for men in this situation and it is for their sakes primarily that I publicly extend these thoughts today.
Sisters, the time has clearly past when wearing a mini skirt will attract the man we want.  Indeed, most women strut down the street half naked and clamor loudly about their rights to walk about wearing precious little, declaring that whilst they do so men prove villains if they look upon scantily clad females as sex objects.  Quit lying to yourself, my dear women.  I am a woman too and a female sauntering down the street with underwear length shorts, spaghetti strap, midriff exposing half shirt and a push up bra does not dress that way in order to avoid masculine attention.  They may get some hoots and hollers, but at what cost?
Want to make yourself unforgettable?  Embrace high moral standards. 
You want to be that woman that stands above the rest and makes him want to chase you. You want to be the woman who inspires men to slay dragons for her.  You want to be the one that men remember years after she turns him down.  I have had some relationships with men in my younger years and though it did not work out, those to whom I was closest still tripped over their tongues when speaking to me years later, though two were married with kids and one had become a literary superstar, distinguishing himself from coast to coast.  They all wanted to go physically further with me than morality permitted and for that transgression I kicked them to the curb.  Such behavior, I believe, was what made me linger so much in their minds. 
Be different ladies.  Be better than average.  Stand your moral ground and stick to your guns in making a man say "I do" before he can get his hands all over you.  Other women may come and go in his mind, but you will be the image that continually haunts his desire ridden dreams. 


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