Friday, November 20, 2015

You Aren't Grateful Until...

Some weeks ago I happened upon a delightful conversation with a lady who casually mentioned in passing that she enjoys this blog immensely.  I told her, as I have often had occasion to tell others, that I was touched by that and that I only know the number of hits on my posts.  I do not know who my readers are unless they tell me.  She looked taken aback with an expression that clearly read "She didn't know I was a fan?!?!?  How could she not have known that?!?!"

I have known situations in which a husband took his wife's sacrifices so much for granted that he engaged in abuse and infidelity in droves.  When finally she said that she was praying about divorce, he seemed shocked, dropped his bad habits and pleaded with the phrase "I don't want divorce!"  It was too late.  

I once had a relative who treated me horrendously thinking that I would always be as close to them and take their garbage as long as they decided to fling it at me.  They took no thought of expressing any kind of gratitude for the many favors I had bestowed, and as I try to be Christlike I took their behavior with grace.  Finally things necessarily came to a head and as I walked away, they turned panic stricken and spat out "I love you!" I turned and looked at this person with some pity and then said the only thing left to me.  "I don't believe you."  They might have tried to prove the truth of their statement and for a while I wished they would at least make the attempt but they never really did.  Things haven't been the same since.  

Thanksgiving is upcoming.  That is well, and I hope many will express then their appreciation of those around them.  Hopefully we will all express gratitude one to another.  But why do it only once a year, if at all?  Why don't we take opportunities to tell people that we love them and that we appreciate them?  What does it cost?  What would it hurt?  One wise LDS prophet said that feeling grateful to someone and not thanking them was like wrapping a beautiful present but not delivering it.  Are we really grateful if we do not take the trouble to tell the person of our gratitude?  I promise that rarely will an expression of gratitude injure a relationship (I have known of mentally ill people who took offense to expressions of gratitude).  And even more rarely will a relationship flourish and strengthen without it.  I would plead with you to express your love, your appreciation, your tender feelings now, before it becomes everlastingly too late.

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