Sunday, December 20, 2015


As my loyal readers will readily comprehend I have spent much time of late in reevaluating my own actions, thoughts, and perspectives in relation to a rumor recently spread about me and also several attacks questioning my moral decency due to the fact that I tend to wear femininity recklessly on my sleeve.  

But isn't that the point?  The fact is that I love being a woman and yes, I have self respect enough to wear sleeves.  My friends, wake up and open your eyes!  We live in a world that teaches women to wear next to nothing in order to gain masculine acceptance.  We hear that pornography is a victimless crime and that such things are natural and normal - even necessary to a man's happiness.  We learn from media that there is no difference between man and woman.  Women often expect themselves to compete with men, to attempt to behave like men and we see gender confusion continually on the rise.  Excellent parents and moral conservatives find themselves engaged in a continual battle against easy sex amongst teenagers and even adults who ought to have outgrown such immaturity.  Unnecessary and flippant divorce is becoming the norm.  We see celebrities spending exorbitant sums to change their gender and view their rewards among the social powers that be without anyone to raise a voice against it.  

I will raise my voice against it.  

I have endured what has felt like much persecution due to my decisions to express in manner and in word my gratitude to God for being a vibrant, passionate, feeling, faithful woman. I have proven the subject of malicious gossip in part because I have attempted to illustrate what a woman of God is and can become.  I have prayed much to find yet another confirmation that what I have been about is indeed the will of God, and I have received my answer.  God willing, I will not be silenced.  I cannot live with my conscience in beholding these atrocities and doing nothing.  Has the Lord given me the drive and ability to write and forced me to view sexual abuse, the damage of pornography, the anguish of sexual addiction, and the debilitating consequences of moral recklessness so that I stand idly by?  Nearly every day I plead with the full force of my heart that God may keep my body pure and safe, untouched by the vile fingers of any man save the one He has reserved to be my eternal companion and soul mate.  This world needs desperately moral women who are not afraid to be innocent and are passionate about being women.  These well meaning people who rebuked me on the grounds of morality perhaps did not comprehend that a woman who knows her boundaries and can promote femininity is not an enemy of God to be feared but a sacred weapon of light that must needs remain unsheathed.

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