Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lonely At Christmastime

My heart and prayers reach outward toward all but especially those who find themselves alone in this jolliest and also often most emotionally gnawing time of year. Heartache seems inevitable, and we must face the anguish, for time, circumstance, or distance separates us from those we love. We sit silently weeping on chilly nights, hoping for a reprieve we know may never come. And the twenty fifth looms on the horizon, threatening our lives with a loneliness unbearable. How can we prove cheerful on these cold, bitter days?

Strange it may seem, but I and others also tend to feel most lonely when surrounded by warmth and family.  Sometimes the loneliest times are those in which we find ourselves in loud and laughing company.  We gravitate toward the window and gaze through the rain bespattered glass. Tears streak down our faces and we can't quite explain why.

But solace comes when we listen more carefully to those tears and realize that what we miss is the peace from honestly remembering the Savior. We spend millions of dollars on Christmas cards and gifts, desperately attempting to remember everyone important on our lists. I think we forget the main person in our lives, the One who drives away sadness and fills to overflowing our chronically empty lives and hearts with light. So those times we think we have no one who cares, no one to comfort us or raise our dampened spirits, let us bow our heads and reconnect with the One who will never leave us and who truly is the reason we celebrate each year.

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