Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sorry, I'm Taken

Wow!  I simply must inform my gentle readers of the amazing relationship that beckons me in!  He's perfect in every way!  Strong, resourceful, loving beyond measure, and treats me like a goddess!  He only wants what is best for me and spoils me rotten!  He can and would create miracles for me and sees more potential in me than I can ever see in myself!  Money is no object and nothing is too good for adored, beloved little Michelle!  He doesn't even mind that I have another self indulging relationship going on at the same time!  Mind blowing!

I refer, of course, to the Savior Jesus Christ. Sometimes we tend to think of Him as a distant, obscure Being in another land and era, or perhaps from a place far distant in the great expanse of heaven.  We forget that He is our Friend, our Savior, and also refers to Himself repeatedly as the Bridegroom.  The chaotic events of recent years have led me to ponder continually on what the title of Bridegroom means to us personally.  A bridegroom is one who protects, provides for, and thoroughly loves his counterpart, respecting her as his equal but recognizing that his part of the relationship will be different and complimentary to hers.

Many of my dear lady friends have of late found themselves once again single, and truly, attempting to navigate this poor, sorry world proves often soul stretching and agonizing.  One requires a guide, a helper, a patriarch, and a protector.  How great a blessing is it to know that we always have One!  No matter our circumstances, we have a prophet, a helper, a male role model for our children and a priesthood holder under our roof and nothing save our own choices can make Him leave.  

I believe I mentioned another relationship in which I find myself.  It is one that every human being ought to have, man or woman, and it should come before any romantic commitment takes shape.  It is the relationship we have with ourselves.  Sometimes we tend to brush that commitment away, thinking it unnecessary or unimportant.  Nay, for without a strong relationship with ourselves and God, any other relationship we have will likely crumble to dust and fail.  Relationships with God and self are necessary prerequisites to a healthy and strong romantic relationship.  And one of the most beautiful and joyous aspects of this arrangement is that when we dance with God, blissfully being grateful for ourselves, God can gently let the right romantic counterpart cut in. 

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