Sunday, December 27, 2015

When Others Sin Against You

My gentle reader could not have forgotten that quite recently a rumor arose among people in my church that caused me great difficulty and heartache. Since that period and upon much reflection, I have undertaken to find the identities of those who began and perpetuated this slander. The leader who confronted me rendered me such basic hints as to narrow my search and one person approached me, admitted their part, and asked my pardon. He received it forthwith. 

Shall we discuss the others? There is one, a lady, who I know laid suspicion upon me and I know why. In truth, it was not necessarily against me personally but at least in part because she violently disliked the man of whom I found myself accused, and, finding me firmly set against treating this or any man with contempt, gave vent to her desire to injure him by laying this fabricated sin at my charge. Another person involved thoroughly disliked the fact that I recklessly strive to keep God's commands, and not able to reach that bar themselves, sought to stain my honor. The leader also, concerned with these reports, searched my writing, bypassing entirely my many comments pertaining to God and righteousness and focused only on what they could take out of context and condemn. But I will say no more of this person for I hope their heart at least was swallowed up in true concern. 

It is possible my slanderers read these very words. I hope they do. Realize, my friends, that with a few taps of my fingers I could pen their names and hold them up to public derision. I could openly unveil their names to my readers, who range from Egypt to Australia, from Denmark to the States. They told lies against me; I would only reveal the glorious, almighty truth. I am in every way justified. Thirty seconds and a few finger taps. 

But I won't. I am not the low, vile, unChristlike person these souls have illustrated me to be. I do not need to sink to that level. I am a disciple of Christ and I will render them what they did not see fit to render me - respect. 

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