Saturday, January 2, 2016

Be the Weapon

We live in frightening times.  Every day we see new horrors from terrorist attacks, madmen induced massacres, and even on an innocent child's playground we find bullying at an all time high.  How do we remain safe and secure in these ever more dangerous years?  As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I hold to the doctrine that these are the last days and that violence will only become worse before it gets better.  Add to this a government that strives daily to take our rights of owning firearms, and this life becomes a truly terrifying endeavor.  

"How many weapons do you  have?" I asked my children's sensei one day.  He smirked like he was speaking to a five year old who clearly missed something obvious, looked at his hands and began studying his well trained and lethal fingers.  

"One, two, three, four...."

"I mean those weapons not connected to you personally."

But the point proved clear.  A dear friend and martial arts master in California has reminded me through the years that it is better to be a weapon than to have a weapon.  

I wonder how all our lives might become more secure if we had three or four well trained black belts on every airplane in America.  How much safer might we prove if we had martial arts masters in every mall, stadium, and theater in the country?  How much more careful would terrorists and shooters in general become if they knew that most of our populace was armed, not necessarily with guns, but with training?  How long could bullying continue in our children's lives if our kiddos gained the confidence and inner strength that arises from solid martial arts instruction?  How much more peaceful would our society prove if a great many more of us decided to learn such techniques, precisely so that we would never have to use them?  How futile would our government's attempts to disarm its citizens seem if none of us necessarily needed a weapon in order to defend ourselves on a daily basis?  

I had not intended to send my children to a martial arts school some years ago, but the impression kept coming, stronger and stronger, until I literally could no longer ignore it.  Gratitude to God overwhelms me now as I see what a blessing it became as my autistic daughter learned self control and my son turned his whole heart and soul toward his dojo to cope with outlandish stresses placed upon him. 

Some fighting schools focus on punching and kicking.  Finding a reputable school that also teaches peace, self confidence, and the like can be a challenge so I include below links to the two schools the aforementioned masters teach.  Whether my gentle reader chooses to pursue martial arts or not, I wish one and all a safe and peaceful 2016!

Mr. Michael Keschinger in Arizona

Mr. Rocky Twitchell in California

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