Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christlike Self Defense

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "self defense"? Guns, knives, military tactics, pepper spray and jiu jitsu, right?  I think most of us immediately jump to weaponry and retaliation before they consider anything else.  But with these and other tools sharpened and at the ready, perhaps we tend to forget one of the most powerful manners of handling difficult situations each of us already has the power to employ.

When we sin, transgress or otherwise behave wrongly I am quite grateful God does not immediately strike us down with lightening.  Neither do people drop dead through means of the Black Death or other diseases as an immediate consequence of sin. In short, how does God handle us?  Is He not an example to be followed? Those who know me well enough to have merited my anger know my initial tactic in such cases, which I gleaned from studying Him.  When we engage in sin, the Spirit of God withdraws from us. We are left to ourselves until we decide we want to change and then the Lord helps us.

So it can be with us.  Withdraw. I know of few arguments in daily life that prove sufficiently important to continue. And if one half of the conflict chooses to step away and pursue happier things the other half is left to him or herself to either move on or childishly argue with the empty air.

But isn't walking away the behavior of a coward? Oh maybe, if one is an immature, teenage hothead attempting to impress a member of the opposite gender. But for a mature adult, hardly.  But then, we reason, nothing resolves itself!  I have often noted how many arguments in which humans engage really have no value in the grand scheme of things. If it is really a terribly important topic, two mature people can hopefully engage in mutually respectful conversation after both have cooled off.

It's not the only answer to difficult problems. But it weeds out the unnecessary and renders us a tremendous amount of inner peace. 

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