Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fired Up For The Lord

We often see our dear friends drifting from parish to parish, church to church and so on.  Many of my own associates confide that they find themselves disillusioned in their current congregations because their pastor fails to preach according to their needs.  I hear that many people change from one group to another because one pastor proves more capable of firing them up for God than another. 

I am grateful they find what they need, and I support freedom of religion.  Nevertheless, I feel it may bring all of us greater clarity that we comprehend one pertinent fact.  No pastor is responsible for how you or I feel about God.  Responsibility for feeling spiritually fed falls squarely on our own shoulders before anyone else's.  Mormonism admonishes its members to pray alone, with one's spouse, and with the family both morning and night.  We are commanded to study scriptures alone, as s couple and as a family daily.  We also include a command to hold family night once a week to teach doctrine and enjoy family time.  

This may seem bizarre, but LDS bishops rarely speak at the pulpit of a Sunday.  Who teaches the congregation?  We do.  The bishop and his counsellors pray about who should stand before a couple of hundred people and deliver a sermon.  The bishop chooses the topic but the parishioner researches, prays, prepares, and presents it before the congregation.  The hearers tend to be kind and appreciative because for all they know, they might be next.  Incidentally, I have not enjoyed an invitation to teach for over a decade, but once a month we have an open microphone for anyone to stand and bear a brief testimony of the Savior, of which I take advantage with alarming frequency.  

So let's take a step backward.  My gentle reader who may consider abandoning his preacher because sermons don't sparkle, perhaps we must recall that it isn't his responsibility to see that we are spiritually fed, but our own

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