Monday, January 4, 2016

Get the Perfect Body!

I mean it.  No tricks.  No gimmicks.  No kidding.  Only three steps to an absolutely exquisite bod and the most perfect physique you will ever have. Step One: Eat healthily.  The doughnut is not your friend.  The whole wheat toast proves a much more loving companion overall.  Step Two:  Work out.  It doesn't have to be extreme, and in fact should not overly strain your system.  Step Three:  Appreciate yourself.

We find ourselves bombarded by messages in the media about having the perfect body.  Loving and well meaning associates will tell us that there is no perfect body.  My friends and gentle readers, they are both wrong.  God made your body.  He does not make mistakes.  He created you the way He wanted you and the way He knew you needed to look.  He wants you to take care of your body and when you do, you become the ideal of what you are supposed to be.  Your body has the capacity to be the perfect body for you.  It will not look like your neighbor's; it wasn't supposed to look like anything except you.  

I find more and more the idea that men have body insecurities.  This comes as something of a surprise to me and probably to most women.  Gentlemen, this ought to tell you something - you look fine!  If women are surprised at your insecurities, it means that to them you have no reason whatsoever to have such worries!  Women are hammered so hard by images about what they ought to be that they usually have no energy left over to also start judging you!  We are already being bombarded by the onslaught to the point that all our worries about body images are directed at ourselves, so however the guy looks, he is probably okay. 

"But I want a guy/girl to like me!"

We all do.  But truthfully, I know a great many women who will only glance at a man with bulging biceps.  I also know women who absolutely cannot stand muscles.  I know a man who is over six feet and build like a mountain who have women drooling over him.  I also know a man who is 5'7" and skinny who carries himself like a master and have women crying into their pillows that he won't glance at them.  I have a great many lady friends who have invested in implants in order to feel better about their physique.  The guys I know may smile at them to their face, but I also hear such men berating such ladies for being pathetically fake behind their backs. We all have different tastes and ideas about what we want in a significant other.  Appreciate yourself, be grateful for what God made you, and the right person will come along and appreciate you as well. 

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