Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton in an Orange Jumpsuit

I have heard some of my associates raise concerns that Mrs. Clinton is running for president. I say it is a free country and as a lover of freedom and America I fully and absolutely support her ability to do so.  Right after she gets out of prison.

My friends, I love this country. My mother immigrated here from poverty stricken Mexico and joined the U.S. Army so I absorbed patriotism along with baby food. I love this nation too much to remain silent on a very real concern we all ought to have regarding this presidential race. 

It proves monstrous that Bill Clinton treated the presidency, the nation, his wife, his office and his soul, to name only a few things, with such blatant disrespect and that he received barely a slap on the wrist.  Do what he will, he retained a presidency from which he by rights ought to have been ousted.  I recall clearly when he randomly bombed a factory in Israel to move the public eye away from himself, particularly since I watched the news reports from a television in Tel Aviv, where I found myself at the time. Attempting to leave the Middle East the next morning proved exceptionally difficult. 

Fast forward to the present time. Mrs. Clinton has outdone her husband in her atrocities against this beloved and beautiful nation. She has dangerously sinned against all of us and placed not only our ambassador but our homeland in terrible jeopardy.  And yet our people cheer her on.  

Tears sting at my eyes when I think how little respect this couple must have for the American people. I can only imagine their private conversations and the demonic laughter that must ensue when they recount that they can break every rule in the book and this mindless, immoral throng of trusting sheep will still gladly fight to open for them the historic and honorable doors of the White House. 

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