Friday, January 8, 2016

Jumping off the Poetic Cliff

We as English speakers have a tendency to write and think in a way that walks hand in hand with our beautiful language.  We have the largest vocabulary on earth and as a general rule we like to use it.  We write full books in poetic verse and some of our most famous plays prove primarily poetic as well.  We speak a great deal in our native English and we find ourselves happily accustomed to using our language quite freely in length and minute in literary description.  I love English and have long felt the power and spiritual nature of it.  I think for that very reason it proves difficult to write in the simple and compelling form of a haiku.  When I began I could feel the clashing tension between the simplicity of the form and the long winded nature of my American tongue.  But for that reason and others I find this form a wonderful one for the honest seeker of calmness, strength and inner peace.  After writing three of them I am beginning to feel the calming effect.

Everlasting Lord!
How I glory in Thy light
And yield to Thy will.

Love reigns in nature.
I see God's hand in all things.
He brings light to earth.

I rev'rence the Lord.
He is my treasure and life.
He speaks to my soul.

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