Thursday, January 21, 2016

Prepared for Emergencies

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believes that we are in the final inning before the coming of the Lord and thus teaches its members to become and remain prepared to face the cataclysmic atrocities foretold in the Bible.   Today we pray for our friends and family being hammered in the oncoming rage of severe weather, those threatened by terrorists, and all of us as our economic security continues to plummet.  Whatever our belief systems, I think we can all agree that this world grows increasingly unsafe, and certainly we ought to share whatever information we can to strengthen and protect ourselves, families, and communities, and as we progress in this conversation, my gentle reader will find several links to websites that ought to prove quite useful.

As my religion preaches emergency preparedness on a great many levels, I would prove amiss if I did not first direct my literary friends into their open arms.  Our pulpit expresses our faith in God and Jesus Christ so strongly, and believes so intensely that these are the last days that we have guidelines in everything from scripture study, to avoiding debt and save money, with commandments to plant a garden in whatever capacity possible, and a commandment to maintain adequate food storage, to learning radio communication, to always having a 72 hour kit to grab and go, general survival skills and the list continues.  We learn this on Sunday and often hold midweek activities to learn how to better protect our homes.  I myself maintain an orchard and garden in my backyard including citrus, peaches, pears, pomegranates, figs, grapes and whatever else I happen to plant as spring begins to dawn, as well as abiding by all the other suggestions aforementioned.
These tend to work quite well in natural disasters, and have come in handy as finances have plummeted or floods have kept me trapped in my home.  In addition, we certainly can turn to various other sources in order to keep ourselves and those around us safe.  I have said it before and will likely do so again that it is better to be a weapon than to own one.  Akka Thornydale and Liahona Warrior Arts can only too well see to helping people become masters of self defense. 
It may seem rather absurd, but some years ago, I found myself gazing at a billboard advertising permanent hair removal and it dawned on me that in the embrace of a long lasting, horrible, disaster I might not be able to secure myself a razor.  It seemed only logical that one might do well to prepare for such an eventuality, right?  Covered in mud, fighting for food, and protecting the weak, a woman doesn't also want to have to feel absolutely disgusting.  It takes energy to feel revolting and having perfectly shaved legs might save such energy for more important things.   I mean, can't we also prepare to have a few comforts? (Ladies, just tell your man that it's so you can look good for him under any circumstances - I'm sure he won't mind the price.) Have I dared to undergo such a frightening procedure?  Absolutely.   
We all recognize though, that at the end of the day after we have done all we can, the best emergency preparedness comes from living a morally clean life and coming to our knees in prayer.  Our greatest defense is always and will always be, having the Lord on our side.  It may not save us from floods and fire, and it may not even save us or our loved ones from death.  But it can give us peace in the midst of affliction and rescue us from the other plague and lethal evil of immorality that tries so desperately to sweep through our homes and streets. 

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