Friday, January 22, 2016

When Your Man Cheats

A story currently virile describes how an enraged woman threw her husband's mistress off a bridge.  I am sure many ladies can relate to the emotions that drove this wife to such extremities. I have had women cry on my shoulder, weep about how they feel broken and declare that they simply cannot trust men anymore.  My heart goes out to women in such straits.  I have known women who remain inwardly possessive and jealous years after divorce and have even experienced distressing interruptions and difficulties because a clearly deranged lady felt that her long time ex might have glanced at me with an eye of favor. 

Ladies, may I offer a few suggestions that might serve to curtail the pain and raise the self respect? Firstly, a man who makes you cry that hard isn't really worth the tears, are they? Why would you honor or validate them that far? I am not suggesting we prove harsh, but recognizing you are a goddess leads you to respond with "well, he just put a massive barrier between us and that is his loss because I am amazing." I realize tears may come initially but keep your eye on doing those things that make you feel fabulous. Dance, yoga, new silk pajamas, aromatherapy lotions, meditation and always, always prayer can help you reach upward toward that pedestal you should never have to leave in your own estimation. 

And how to deal with the other woman? I heard an experience that I would love to share as an example. 

A woman had been having issues with her husband and eventually discovered that he had engaged in an extramarital affair.  Her emotions had already shattered repeatedly through this relationship and by this time she really couldn't be too surprised. Already a devout follower of Christ she prayed much about what to do and eventually the Spirit guides her to send this mistress an anonymous text. Paraphrasing, she said in essence "Your potential is divine and your worth overwhelming. I know God loves you and wants to bless you. I want Him to bless you, too. Many people are speaking badly about you for sleeping with a married man, but I won't, and refuse to let anyone insult you in my hearing. I want to help repair your reputation but I cannot while you continue to see him. God cannot bless you while you live in such sin.  I know God has a better, truer soul mate for you. I know it will hurt to give him up, but God will make it worth it to you. I believe in you and I pray for you." The mistress, completely unaware of who sent this text responded with loving gratitude and never spoke to her lover again. You may imagine the amazement which ensued after she related this story. Says she, "I was frightened and didn't want her to know who I was, but I have learned to love people as the Savior does and I truly meant every word I said."

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