Monday, February 29, 2016

Beaten Down, Gazing Upward

Gentle reader, consider with me the emotions that sweep through the soul that finally and justly pushes away a toxic situation.  This poem speaks of friendship but it can pertain to anything that holds us back from progression and joy.  May God grant us the ability and opportunity to free ourselves from all negativity. (Incidentally, the word untarnished as written below ought to read untarnishEd, with the archaic stress on the last syllable. I am typing this on an iPhone, which does not allow me to put the accent above the e.) 

A window of reflection gilt
By sunrise' golden hue
Remind of heaven's promises-
My future to pursue. 

In casting off the present cares
I clear the tangled vine
That oft constricts progression's way-
Almighty God's design. 

Hands trembling, both soft and sure
Toward upward visions reached
My mind declares its forward path,
My strength of heart unleashed.

Lips, pure and praying grace restore
All hope and faith that fled
By trust outraged, word tarnished, 
Stabbed friendships left for dead. 

But trifles these deep stain my view 
Of higher plains of gold
Where gentle peace sweeps all before, 
Of happiness untold. 

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