Sunday, February 21, 2016

What Does God Look Like?

In vain I have struggled; it will not do. Many days and nights have urged me to pen but a few lines regarding a subject that I fear our world fails to comprehend, or if not, to adequately appreciate. I have heard many contend that God is both great and small together, is a far off Deity or a great Spirit which hath no form. This kind of thinking, gentle reader, stands at the base of many moral ills that pervade and infect our beloved present era. We cannot know who we are until we first know our Creator.

It is simple.  God looks like a man.

But, one might cry, you only say so because you are a vile Mormon.  This has nothing to do with Mormonism, for does not Genesis teach us that God formed man in His own image?  But, one might angrily conclude, to believe such a thing we seek to drag almighty God down to the level of a sin ridden mortal! Nay, for inasmuch as He created us in His image, we are not pulling Him down; rather, He has condescended to elevate us.

What difference does it make?

A great difference indeed. When we recognize that we exist in the same physical form as the Master of the heavens, we break free from the rusted manacles that hold us in blind and unnecessary shame.  We often hear that a person has to look in such and such a way to be lovable or beautiful. No. We are divine just as God made us.  We often hear that the human body is sinful; I declare that it is glorious beyond comprehension. When we recognize our own potential, we lose the desire to pollute ourselves with unhealthy food, undue dieting, lack of exercise, or altogether too much. We recognize that every inch is a masterpiece, and that we are meant to enjoy our existence and employ our physical senses in things that enliven our hearts. We recognize sexuality as the highest and greatest, most pure and noble of human traits and we learn to bask in our own gender rather than seek to change it.  We recognize our bodies were not meant to be shared casually and out of self love refrain from immorality. We recognize how blessed and loved we are, that Hod would share with us His own appearance and form.

My friends, let us truly and more completely appreciate the exquisite gift of our Master and learn to raise our grateful eyes more fully to our eternal and most honored Father.

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