Monday, February 1, 2016

Where Did You Get Those Shoes?!?!

Several months ago I found myself under a tree, awaiting my children's release from school and basking in the pleasant sunlight when a young lady of the third grade persuasion ran up to me in excited wonder.  She pointed at my pink and white mommy style outfit with outlandish enthusiasm.

"Wow! You look awesome!!! That skirt is awesome!"

She happily drew her mom, sister and others to view the masterpiece that was my cutesy homemaker style for the day. A crowd began to gather with my own unsuspecting self as focal point.  Feeling a little flattered but also bewildered, wanting to alleviate the tension of so intense a situation, and wanting to teach this adorable kid a moral lesson I faced the admiring crowd, flashed a confident smile and modestly responded, "I got it at Goodwills."

Now here we come to a moral point. The world will teach our daughters the importance of dressing to kill.  We as parents and role models, though, have a duty to teach that thrift does not mean frumpy. We can teach by example that a woman loses nothing and gains much by adding to her wardrobe at a thrift store.  We can teach our children to respect the value of money, and to teach them habits that will never lead to friction and frustration in life and in marriage.  Clearly I had this child's attention, and it was up to me to direct it wisely.

She and I have since become good friends and nearly every day she will approach me with a smile and ask where I purchased my attire. I purposefully dress remarkably well for this and other considerations, and I always have a ready answer for her as to which items came from Goodwills or various consignment stores. I am grateful that she will understand as she matures that she can make her own fashion, follow her own drummer and take pride in striking a balance between physical  beauty and human responsibility.  I think of her future spouse and would like to offer him a heartfelt "you're welcome" in advance.

Today I volunteered at my son's class and entered donned in designer skirt, matching shirt, gold heels, faux fur coat and Marc Jacobs purse.  I approached my little fashionista and related to her and all those little girls eagerly trying to catch a view how all the items I had on we're either gifts or, as in the case of the purse, came from thrift stores, admonishing them to be wise with how they shop, and to save where they can.  The teacher overheard and smiled her approval.  I have acquired a reputation at the school for always dressing well and I hold it as no secret that such artistry can come with a very modest price tag.

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