Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winning a Million Dollars

When the phone rang this morning I thought not much about it and answered with a casual, nonchalant air.  Apparently, I had filled an online survey which put me in an automatic sweepstakes for one million dollars. The caller informed me that I was a finalist.


Unsure as to the legitimacy of the whole situation, I continued calmly and eventually the call ended.  The prospect of a million dollars falling into my lap doesn't much impress me, considering I work in a lucrative business and grew up in a mansion but were God to bless me with such a sum, there are a few key notes that one ought rightly understand.

Firstly, all money belongs to God.  He directs its use.  My first priority would be, as always, to pay a full tithe - ten percent of the gross amount - to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  If the Lord directed and allowed me I would add several thousand more towards the Church's humanitarian fund.

Secondly, a million isn't really all that much. It would be easy to suddenly decide I needed a new car, especially as my transmission keeps jerking about, but once we open that idea we suddenly decide we have a great many other "needs" and soon enough, the money's gone.  I dislike debt of any kind and would thus consider it wise to pay off my modest but lovely home early, as I have already planned for years, and with the exception of a girls night with my cousin and a mink coat from a Phoenix thrift store for my sister, the spending would stop there. Back to work, back to life, and back to saving for my own and my little ones' futures.

The thing is that money can't buy the important things.  No money can get me better health of I choose not to hit the gym and eat healthy food.  It can't buy a closer connection to God, and it can't buy better quality time with my babies than we could have cuddling up on the couch with a Garfield comic book. 

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